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Harry Potter

"It unscrews the other way."

My favourite characters are Luna, Dumbledore and McGonagall. I ship Harry/Luna, Dumbledore/McGonagall and Snape/Lily.

I have many drabbles, one-shots and chaptered works in progress spread across the web of HP archives. See sidebar.

Harry Potter and the Three Lockets (Phoenix Tears)

Harry Potter and the Three Lockets is a sixth year fic. It will have a sequel, the title of which I will keep to myself till I have finished posting Lockets. While they will be one fic together, Phoenix Tears, on FFnet, I am planning on posting them as separate fics on other sites. Together they make up an alternative to the last couple of books, which I planned between the releases of HBP and DH.

It is the main Harry Potter fic I am working on, although I won't ignore inspiration for others when they come.

Summary: Whilst mending his relationship with Dumbledore, Harry has a harder job making sense of the new Hogwarts year; with confusing visions, third-person Occlumency lessons, not to mention riddles surrounding the Horcruxes—and he knows that someone is still keeping secrets …

Ships: Harry/Ginny, Albus/Minerva, Sirius/Lily

Emeralds and Green Light (the Chameleon series)

Since this was my first fic in posting, and has been on hiatus the longest, I feel I should write something.

I have gone a long time with no inspiration for this fic, however just recently I began editing the posted chapters. Since my writing skills have developed drastically in the last 7 years or so and I can't believe how bad some of my early work is, it might take a while. My hope is that the re-writing will re-spark my imagination for the story. I cannot promise anything but I have hope.

I should add the early chapters are being HEAVILY edited. The France episode will now go quite differently, for example, and my other main task is clearing up the dialogue that just doesn't fit the characters.

As for the companion fics, well, who knows. I'm currently re-reading Prisoner of Azkaban so hopefully that will inspire a couple of Changes chapters soon ...