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Fan fictions based on Harry Potter, Doctor Who & Buffy the Vampire Slayer


My Harry Potter story Memoirs of a Broken Mother was made a featured story on The Petulant Poetess for June 2008.

I and my fics Phoenix Tears and End of an Era were featured in an article in the Sunday Times about Harry Potter fanfiction in 2011.

I became an accredited Perfect Imagination beta reader (back when they still did accreditation tests), passing the test with 95%.


Read my fic in other languages! I'm sadly monolingual, but I've had offers of translations. Links below.

Invisibilité (translated into French by Emmanuelle Dumbledore)
Harry pouvait toujours dire quand il y avait quelqu'un en train de le regarder.

Hikari has offered to translate my Collective Backstory (Doctor Who) into Russian. Watch this space.